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NOTE: I'm out of shirts so I've deleted the price info. I'll leave the photos etc up as an FYI.

The hosts of email lists often have one or two fund raising drives a year to offset their expenses in hosting the lists. I considered doing that, but my lists have a significant international membership and I couldn't see asking someone outside the U.S. to spend the equivalent of a couple of dollars to send me a couple of dollars. Also, I just didn't feel comfortable asking for money.

What I decided to do was have a contest to design some shirts for the lists. I'd then make the shirts and sell them at a modest profit - that way the list members have a nice shirt to wear, I get a few bucks to offset my list expenses, and maybe we'll be able to spot each other when at different events.

Below are some of the designs that were submitted. Paul Kellner's design got the most votes, and I've had a batch of shirts made up with that design. This first batch are black T shirts with pockets (Hanes "Beefy T"s), and the design is on the back of the shirt. Future versions are likely to lose the pocket, and will either have the design on the front of the shirt, or possibly a small logo (like Bruce Brown's submission) where the pocket would go on the front with the main design on the back.

I hope to do some different shirts in the future - shirts that will be a bit more specific to one or two lists (unless someone can come up with a nice design that equally incorporates all 7 list topics - Jon Hose made a good stab at it but I think the shirt would be pretty hard to make so it would come out nice). However, I'm not an artist, so will be glad to consider any designs people can come up with. WARNING - If I use your design you get a free shirt out of it and the thrill of having the shirt worn 'round the world - no other royalites or payments will be made. Also, it would be really nice if your design doesn't "borrow" someone else's copyrighted artwork!

Glenn Thomson proposed a modification of the front of Bruce Brown's shirt design to be used as a sticker: Euro Spares sticker 21K jpeg file

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