The MotoBi 250 Vintage Motocrosser

One of my many projects is a 250 MotoBi (Benelli) horizontal single for AHRMA Premier Lightweight MX. The class requires an original period frame, but period modifications are allowed. It quickly became obvious that one of the period modifications had to be moving the steering head up and forward, as a 21" front wheel on the stock frame bottoms out on the rocker cover before the forks bottom out. I cut off the stock steering head, cleaned it up, and relocated it at the stock head angle. I decided to also extend the stock swing arm (though I may try my hand at making a replacement part out of larger, period tubing). The rear subframe needs to be higher too, so as to avoid making a superstructure to mount the scrambles seat 5-6" above the existing seat location. Look elsewhere in the MotoBi section for pictures of the Maltry scrambles conversion.

Steve Crocker found himself with some time hanging on his hands and he scanned and converted to PDF some Motobi manuals for me to host. Surprisingly, the Cosmopolitan Motors phone number that appears on the documents will still connect you to the former Benelli/Motobi (and many others) importer. You can also reach Cosmo with a newfangled computer at the Vintage Cosmo website.

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