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Some 1997 Championships Won on Cat Cheetah

The CAT Cheetah is truly a remarkable, revolutionary bicycle and was built primarily for triathlon, duathlon and time trials in mind.

During the design stage of the Cheetah, highest priority was given to low weight, aerodynamics and rigidity. The result is a sleek, light and very stiff machine which has, so far, overwhelmed everyone who has ever ridden one, be it just for a fun test ride or a race as an amateur or a professional. Almost everyone reports that they are 10% faster on a Cheetah. In aerodynamic riding tests of 5 famous "aeroframes", the Cheetah had the best energy saving qualities. Each Cheetah is made to measure according to the measurements given to us by our customers on our own order forms.

If you'd like more information, please feel free to e-mail us. Meanwhile - keep an eye out for Natascha Badmann's results - 1997 is her second year riding a Cheetah. And in the US, Californian Hans Dieben also has a Cheetah "at his command".

CONSTRUCTION: The Cat Cheetah frame really comprises of only two principle parts - the frame body and the X-shaped front forks/steering helm unit. The forks extend upwards and outwards to for the supports for the aerobars, making a conventional steering tube and handlebar unnecessary. All sections of the Cheetah have aerofoil profiles. We principally equip the Cheetah with Magura hydraulic brakes, because these are not only light and highly efficient but are also the most suitable for the Cheetah's aerodynamics. Other standard components are made by Edco and Grip Shift, although the frame can be modified for, e.g. Dura Ace on request. The frame and wheels have an internal layer of kevlar to prevent fractures.

DATA: The weight of the bare frame is 1300 g, that of the front Cat ThreeSpoke wheel 850 g and that of the rear wheel (including Edco hub) 960 g. The total weight of a Cheetah is 8,600 g. Wheelbase is 1020 mm and frame sizes can be from 45 to 64 cm with a down tube angle of 72 or 78 degrees.

ACCESSORIES: The Cheetah can also be equipped with the CAT-Oasis internal drinking system with replaceable fluid bags inside the frame, and special aerobar bar ends.

PRICES: The Cheetah is available in almost any configuration, as simple frame with saddle tube, or frame set including some components or as a complete bike, with or without wheels. Prices therefore primarily depend on the required configuration, but frame sets begin at around $4,800 and complete Cheetahs run to around $6,500. These prices could be lower depending on the current exchange rate to the Swiss Franc. Shipping a Cheetah to the US costs approx. $150 and usually private buyers are liable to very low import duties.

CAT pictures:

CAT Cheetah Brochure A picture and technical specifications of the Cheetah . 91K jpeg file

CAT Cheetah A large photo of the bike. 26K jpeg file

1994/1995 CAT Downhill Mountainbike CAT Downhill Mountainbike with CAT carbon wheels and CAT 10 cm travel front suspension unit. Total weight: 11.9 kg. 28K jpeg file

1994/1995 CAT Cheetah The CAT Cheetah, a revolutionary racing bike for triathlons and time trials. The carbon fibre frame weighs only 1.2 kg, the CAT wheels 780g resp. 950 g. The most unusual characteristic is the one-piece front fork / steering helm. 35K jpeg file

There is also a collection of pictures on the graphics page (about 2/3 of the way towards the bottom) of some of the racing motorcycles and cars that Rudi has constructed. You can get to the graphics page from this link.

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