The following section is intended to give you a general idea of the procedure used when installing a RITA ignition. Each kit contains instructions for fitment of the ignition to the motorcycle for which the kit is intended. Some kits are more time consuming to install, depending upon the requirements of the motorcycle in question.

  1. Remove the contact breaker plate assembly and the advance/retard unit.
  2. Install the RITA pickup plate with the mounting screws in the middle of the adjusting slots.
  3. Install the RITA reluctor loosely on the timing shaft so a lobe of the reluctor is next to the center pole of the pickup coil.
  4. Set the air gap. Rotate the engine until each lobe of the reluctor has had the air gap checked.
  5. Rotate the crankshaft to the full advance position.
  6. Trap the spacer included in the kit between the center pole of the pickup coil and a lobe of the reluctor.
  7. Tighten the bolt/nut retaining the reluctor.
  8. Install the amplifier per the instruction sheet, and attach to the wiring harness.
  9. After ensuring that all parts/wiring are fitted correctly turn on the ignition and start the motorcycle.
  10. Run the engine and adjust the fully-advanced timing position using a stroboscope. A flash reading at near maximum rpm should be taken to ensure that full advance timing is not exceeded at high rpm.
  11. Switch the ignition off and adjust if needed.
  12. Install the ignition cover and ride happily ever after.
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