The Husqvarna 510 Singles Racer

In the early 1990s I'd completed the Mark 4 frame for my Laverda 750 and decided to do the Mark 5 version and go vintage racing instead of BOTT. That was going to make the Astralite wheels/brakes surplus. One of the local racers, Russ Ward, approached me about building a chassis for an air-cooled Husqvarna 510cc four stroke single engine. The wheels, brakes and seat off of the Laverda and a leading link fork that I had (built by Grizzly Engineering) were part of the deal. Russ provided a Lectron carb and Works Performance rear dampers and I adapted a Lucas Rita ignition to the engine.

The Husvarna engine was probably the lightest big single you could get at the time, and it also had a 4 valve cylinder head. The engine had a combined rear motor mount/swing arm pivot bolt that was not very large (12mm I think). I decided that I preferred to use that only as a motor mount and had the swing arm pivot behind the engine. This let me use a larger pivot shaft and allowed some variation in pivot location, though it did move the countershaft sprocket farther from the pivot.

The engine has a wet sump instead of a remote oil tank but holds very little oil so there was a lot of room under the engine. An aluminum fuel tank that fit under the engine was eventually built.

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