Performance modifications for the Suzuki GS400/425/450/500 twins

At this time I'm gathering information from some of the people racing Suzuki GS twins for inclusion on the page. Check in soon to see what has come in.

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Sport Twin News provided an article on Richard Munn's GS500 that dominates its class at Willow Springs.

Date sent: Thu, 9 Jan 1997 16:44:00 -0600

From: "Steve Hosie-R3072C"

GS500 info for 4.5 inch rear wheel.

The cush drive side of a 1989 GSXR750 rear wheel and the GS500 cush drive are interchangable. So you can take a GSXR750 4.5 inch rear wheel and mate it to your GS500 cush drive assembly. Now you will have to make a plate behind your sprocket about 1/4 inch to move the chain away from the edge of a 150/60x17 slick. Other modifications required: the rear brake bracket will have to be trimmed down (outside of the bracket) where the axle goes through. This bracket serves two purposes, a spacer for the wheel and a bracket for the brakes. Bend or move the long bracket holder bar out a little to clear the wheel.

Other than these small changes, the wheel works and fits very well. Perfect match to my 3.5 inch GSXR750 front wheel. Now perhaps I won't slide the rear wheel out as much..... Used to have the stock 3.5 inch rear that I ran 591's on. Now I can run slicks on both wheels!!!

Just thought I would let you know about the rear wheel....


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